Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

As the cosmetics industry continues to explore the benefits of minerals, Youngblood remains the premier choice for healthy, luxe quality mineral cosmetics. All Youngblood products are free of talc and other fillers that can clog or irritate skin. Our formulation is the very finest available, and our quality is instantly noticed the very first time our products are applied. Youngblood’s dedication to quality has earned the company an extremely loyal following.

Quality Attracts Quality 
Fans of Youngblood include a number of A-list celebrities, both male and female. Youngblood has been recommended recently on the Style Network’s “What Not To Wear,” the TV Guide Channel’s “The Fashion Team,” and in major publications such as Allure, Elle, and OK! Youngblood’s Mineral Rice Setting Powder was awarded “Beauty Product of the Year” at the 2007 Danish Beauty awards.

Aromatherapy Associates

We are proud to trace a direct line back to the very beginnings of modern aromatherapy. Our studies began in the 1970s when Geraldine and Sue both trained under Micheline Arcier, student of aromatherapy founders Marguerite Maury, an Austrian biochemist and skincare pioneer, and Jean Valnet M.D., an expert in the science of essential oils.

In 1985, Aromatherapy Associates was established to share the benefits of aromatherapy through a range of therapeutic-grade products and treatments. They are dedicated to sharing the positive benefits of essential oils as widely as possible. In 1985 they helped set up the International Federation of Aroma therapist’s, an organization dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of aromatherapy across the industry.

Their outlook is global, as well their approach about partnership. Geraldine chose Soluzione Spa products as the exclusive Canadian distributor in 2003. We will continue to use our skills and enthusiasm to build successful relationships with the world’s best spas and hotels.

Moor Spa

Moor is a rare form of nutrient-rich peat created by the gradual transformation of herbs, plants & flowers which have been permanently submerged under water or underground. Free from the decaying effects of oxygen and in the correct climatic and biological conditions, the plant matter undergoes

A ‘ripening’ process over thousands of years into a rich, black substance.
During this process all of the organic and inorganic substances within the plants are assimilated into the Moor resulting in an herbal complex with wonderful revitalizing properties.

Moor has been a part of traditional medical folklore throughout many parts of Central Europe for centuries. During the past 60 years, a wealth of clinical studies conducted on Moor therapy has confirmed that Moor indeed does possess a wide range of beneficial properties. As a result, hundreds of European physicians now use and recommend Moor treatments

How Moor Works

  • The array of herbal properties, active materials and organic substances are easily absorbed
  • Moor compound is highly anti-inflammatory
  • Moor is detoxifying
  • It has a balancing influence on the hormones
  • Kirlian photos of Moor reveal a life energy

Some of the products include nothing but the pure moor which is simply harvested directly from the Vorarlberg Tiefenmoor, then carefully filtered and refined. No other ingredients are added and the moor is self-preserving.

A range of high grade plant-based ingredients including pure essential oil fragrances, unadulterated herbal extracts created using our own extraction equipment, and a wide range of plant-derived cosmeceuticals are added to create a range of truly exquisite products that work synergistically with the pure moor products.
Moor Spa Products Include 100% Natural-Source Ingredients, They contain no artificial preservatives, colors or fragrances; nor petroleum-derivatives such as propylene glycol, PEG or mineral oil. Moor Spa conducts no animal testing.

Au Courant Self Tanning

Au Courant founded by professional make-up artist Susan Horrell, is the company that revolutionized the first instant tinted spray tan solution, many years before the advent of airbrush tanning and spray tanning booths. The product was first developed for film and television.Soluzione has been the Canadian distributor of Au Courant since 2001.

Dermatologist recommended.
• Instant colour
• Alpha Hydroxy Acids renew skin
• Aloe Vera for ultra hydration
• Product tinted for easier application
• Streak-free, deep natural tan
• Non-comedogenic
• Can be used as a foundation
• Gentle, does not include oil or alcohol


Jesse Werner was born with sensitive skin and very prone to ingrown hairs, razor burns and cuts.  After trying numerous shaving products, Jesse had finally discovered a product both him and his wife adored!   YES his wife! – She was stuck without shaving cream one day, so she had borrowed his and claims it was the best shave of her life.   Her only comment was, “Wish I had something that worked so well, without leaving me smelling like an old English guy.”  Soon after her wish, Whish was born.Whish is a luxurious shave, bath & body treatment collection.  Absolute indulgence from tip to toe!  Whish uses organic ingredients wherever possible in the creation of each of our products!  We like to think that small steps have a big impact on our world, at least that’s our Whish!

  • Paraben & Sulphate Free
  • TEA & DEA Free
  • Petrochemical Free
  • All Natural & Organic Ingredients