Moor Spa Theragun Percussion Massager

  • $300.00

Both lightweight and quiet our Percussion Massager delivers power, performance, and customizability to provide relief for any activity and daily maintenance.

* Release Tension
* Relax Tight Muscles
* Reduce Soreness & Fatigue
* Relieve Pain Effortlessly
* Enhance Range of Motion
* Prevent Injury

Personalized Treatment: Six Interchangeable head attachments to personalize and customize your massage experience. (Bullet, Fork, Round, Hammer, Spade and Spiral)
Multi-Speed Settings for Optimal Results: 30 Speed level settings for an enhanced massage experience. (Up to 53Hz)
Cordless and Lightweight: Weighs just 1.1 Kg. Also highly durable.
2+ Hours of Use Per Charge: 24V Rechargeable lithium-ion battery – with an option for removal battery release. LED band on battery lights pulsate to show battery level and indicate active charging.
Easy-Grip Handle: This integrated, rubberized grip provides a non-slip surface for better grip and comfort.

Head Attachment Set: Six Interchangeable head attachments.
Carrying Case: Keeps your Percussion Massager in one convenient place.
User Manual: Usage instructions and manual included.
Wall Charger: Charge your Percussion Massager with ease.