Prelude Pre Wax & Shave Serum

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Pre Wax & Shave Serum


It's no secret that our beauty rituals can sometimes be painful. While we love the smooth soft results from shaving and waxing we can happily live without the ouch! Enter Prelude. Prelude’s formula avoids those harmful numbing ingredients like lidocaine, instead using the natural and gently numbing properties of clove leaf oil and menthol. Witch hazel and tea tree leaf oil help cleanse and tone the skin helping wax adhere better for a smoother waxing experience, while organic aloe, panthenol, and organic cucumber help keep skin soft and irritation free. Prelude comes in a convenient purse sized airless pump that can be easily carried to the waxing studio or salon to use prior to lip, brow, or bikini waxing..

Use Prelude for a better shave. Why not prepare your skin for a more comfortable shave by genlty numbing it? In addition to a more pleasant shave, witch hazel, tea tree leaf oil, and cedarwood oil cleanse the skin’s pores. This allows the razor to get closer to the skin surface creating a smoother and closer shave. It also helps reduce ingrown hairs caused by dirt and impurities.