Warm Buddy

"Karen McKee is the president of Warm Buddy Company. Her background as a Registered Nurse combined with her interest in alternative therapies, herbal medicine and aromatherapy, led to studies in India at a natural healing hospital. She noted the hospital's application of herbal preparations and heat therapy to provide comfort and relief for many conditions. 

Upon her return to Canada, Karen discovered a heat wrap that was microwaveable and loved using it - so easy and comforting. An idea was born. 

With her idea and innovative thinking Karen McKee developed the first Warm Buddy™ heat wrap in 1995. These heat wraps surpassed what was on the market with improved heat holding capabilities, the addition of herbs and essential oils and unique designs and shapes. Originally, Warm Buddy products were aimed at the medical market and were widely used by medical practitioners and massage therapists in their treatments. 

Karen's Warm Buddy product line quickly grew and evolved. The development of our warm-up plush animals, known to many as Warm Buddies, included teddy bears, kittens and puppies. These cute stuffed push animals added a new dimension to the Warm Buddy business. Warm Buddy warm-up plush animals are a huge comfort to sick children and have been used in children's cancer wards, as well as helping to soothe and relieve aches, pains and stress in the elderly."

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